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I am Hip Hop producer, DJ and a father of 3. That's 2 very different worlds that often collide and clash but i manage it. I love VW's and I also love taking pictures. This blog will be random thoughts about everything you can imagine.

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Have you ever been so mad at someone that you call DCYF on them? Yeah, me either. smh #noitdidnthappentome

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For Professional Use Only 2 by Araabmuzik →

@araabMUZIK just dropped a 30 track album on iTunes!! Go get it!

Was there a shooting in Chad brown yesterday? I got pulled over near there and the statie said my car fit the description of a Volkswagen used in a drive by. I almost thought he was joking. I was like “my car with the graffiti fender and black wheels….O_o” Just wondering if he using that as an excuse our if it was legit.

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That was a hell of weekend Djing. I don’t even wanna hear music today lol. Thanks to everyone that rocked with me. :)

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#maurynameoftheday Yahmeka O_o

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Anyone have any scrap outdoor or automotive grade vinyl laying around? looking for black, white, grey tones. Thanks!

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This beat is older than all of my kids! #Throwback